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Life as a Copywriter

Be a Better Copywriter With These 5 Easy Hacks

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July 11, 2022

about the blogger

Ami is a creative copywriter and the proud owner of Ami Writes. She’s been casting wordy spells for over 7 years and transforming businesses into brands is her speciality. Ami’s high-key obsessed with Harry Potter and Disney - something that has seeped its way into her own brand. 

Hola chica, I'm Ami.

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  1. Steph says:

    Ohhh I love this. What’s your top tip for getting feedback for clients? Any tips?

    • Ami says:

      A fantastic question! When I first started as a copywriter, I really struggled to get my clients to give me feedback. I felt like I was begging them to do me a favour.

      And this goes for any business. It doesn’t just need to be for copywriters.

      So, my advice would be to add testimonials and reviews as a part of your process. For me, testimonials and feedbacks are part of my offboarding process. Rather than it being seen as something that they can do to do me a favour, I’ve made a feedback form that is connected to my project completion form.

      While my clients don’t HAVE to leave me a review, they are expected to fill in a feedback form. There are questions that ask them to mark certain things on a scale. After that, they’ll have reflected in a way that seems easy. At the end of that form, I ask them to leave me a written review about our time together. Because they’ve already thought about it by scoring on a sliding scale, they’re far more responsive to writing a paragraph.

      Plus, I’ve found that giving some examples has really helped. A lot of the time, people struggle because we tend to be sparked to right reviews based on a negative experience over a positive one. And that’s simply because we don’t know what to say. But if we give examples or a formula to follow, it reduces the thinking time, meaning it’s less of an effort.

      I hope this helped? I’ll do a blog post about this soon and send you the link! Thanks so much for leaving a comment. xx

  2. Mum dog says:

    Such great helpful hints, this has really helped me , thank you x

  3. Erin says:

    I have never heard of a swipe file but I am going to start for my own inspiration. Thanks for the tip

    • Ami says:

      Swipe files are fantastic! While they’re often used amongst writers, you can use them for anything. For you, I’d recommend keeping a swipe file of social media captions and emails that talk about things like project management and time-keeping to see how other people unveil the same kind of benefits as you offer.

      I also have written another post about swipe files in a lot more detail, so if you’d like some guidance, that article might be a good one to look at.

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment!

  4. Karen ling says:

    Such helpful tips! Thankyou 🤗👍

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