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I receive a whole lot of questions. And because time-wasting isn’t my game, I’ve answered them here for you. Ready to get in touch with ami writes?

These FAQs will help while you’re waiting

Do you write content as well? 

Yes! I’m a copywriter + content writer. Check out the exact formats I cover on my services page.

I have a launch coming up and I’ve waited too long before outsourcing. I’ve got a pretty sharp deadline approaching and I need copy crafted ASAP. How long does it take? 

Every project is different and the timelines mirror that. I can get things done as quickly as possible and work with your deadline, but if it’s in a few hours time, it’s not possible. There are specific steps that need to be taken on the ladder, so we need enough time to climb up them together. Tight, I can do. Impossible? I’m afraid I don’t have a time turner (but if I did omg, how cool would that be?) 

What exactly is copywriting?

The definition of copywriting has been ummed and ahh-ed about for eternity. But in short, copywriting is salesmanship in print. It’s a tooty-fruity cocktail of creativity, psychology, and sales + marketing strategy. Put ‘em all together and - if you do it masterfully - you’ve got words that convert for you.

What’s the difference between copywriting and content writing? 

Fab question! And it’s one I’ve been asked oh so many times. Copywriting is written for conversion. Whether that’s in the form of a sale, capturing a lead, gaining a client or a signup, it’s all aimed toward a single goal. Content writing, on the other hand, plays the long-game. It’s about educating, inspiring, and/or motivating your reader. Copywriting converts quickly, while content writing builds brand authority and establishes you as the alpha in your industry.

How do I know whether I need copywriting or content writing? 

It’s all about your marketing strategy. What are your goals? What areas are you using to achieve them? If, for example, you want to position your brand as the go-to, the Real McCoy - the leader of the pride - then content is a strategic way of doing it. If you’re launching a digital product or service, you’ll need a sales page, opt-in emails, and reminders. At the end of the day, it all revolves around you and your overall strategy. 

Still unsure? Book a call with me by using the booking system up there ☝🏽. We can chat it through together + get crystal clarity.

I’m a new copywriter and I am SO ready to make this work. Where the eff do I start? 

Firstly: I am so proud that you’re here. The world needs your magic. So, well done for finding the courage and conviction to walk this path. I can’t wait to watch you evolve. 

As for where to start, you’re in the exact right place. Check out the blog, go [download the free guide] I’ve created for you - ‘The Copywriter’s Handbook: How to Become a Copywriter’, and join the free Facebook group. Three steps into your journey as a full-time, profitable copywriter have never been so easy.

Do you offer copywriting mentorship?

I used to mentor newbie copywriters and I loved it. Right now, my plate is smothered with client work. But keep an eye out, because I’m in the middle of creating something just for you. I won’t say too much, but it’ll show you, step by step, how to succeed as a copywriter. Seriously.

How will you make sure you capture my brand’s voice? 

Brand voice is one of the most crucial parts of working with me. I can’t stress the importance of brand voice enough. And it’s just as important for me to sound like you when I’m creating your copy or content. The secret is in the research. I dive into your current marketing strategy, analyse your existing content, and stalk your ideal clients. (Don’t worry, I won’t get caught). We’ll then hop on a call and I’ll talk you through my findings. You’ll get multiple versions of paragraphs at the beginning of our time together so we can truly nail your voice. We keep going until we’ve got it. Honestly, though, it usually takes 1-2 rounds. Once I sound more like you than you do, we’re onto a winner. 

What happens if I don’t like the copy?

Cross my heart and hope to die, I promise you’ll never end up with copy you don’t like. It just doesn’t happen. I take steps to guarantee I’ve nailed your voice, understood your service and what makes it shine, and know your ideal client like they were my bestie. Once you have these 3 components + you’ve mastered them, it’s impossible to dislike the end result. Especially because this all works on a collaborative basis. 3 rounds of revisions are build into your package, and I make changes based on your feedback. I won’t allow a sign-off until I know you’re 110% happy with the words I’ve given you. 

Will you give me training so I can do it on my own? 

Every page of copywriting I create for you comes with a video rationale. I screen-cast your document and explain the strategy behind each word, section, and page. You’ll have access to all your videos in your client portal, so you can go back to them whenever you need them. The videos cover tone of voice, techniques, language choice, and structure.

What happens if we’re not a match?

Just as you need to know that I’m the right copywriter for you, I need to know that you’re the right client for me. I won’t ever take on a project if I feel like there’s another copywriter out there who can do it better. But I also won’t leave you in the dark. If we’re not as good a match as David & Victoria Beckham, I’ll point you in the direction of a copywriter that’ll bring out the best in your brand. We copywriters are a close community. We legit have a whatsapp group. So, you’ll always end up with the best copywriter for the job. Promise. 

How do I hire a copywriter? (AKA: you)

First, we hop on a Discovery Call. If we’re #aperfectmatch, I’ll send you a proposal within 2 working days. That proposal just summarises what we’ve chatted about on the call and outlines the project. It covers the context, a timeline, and the investment amount. If you accept that by clicking a big, green button, I’ll set you up with a client portal. You’ll pay a 20% deposit, sign a contract, and BAM: the process begins.

Can I find out more about working with you? 

You absolutely can. It can be nerve wracking as hell - allowing a copywriter to come in and root around in your business (literally). So, download your [Introduction Pack] and it’ll fly into your inbox instantly. The digital pages of your Intro Pack will answer questions, explain the process, and give you a vibe for what it’ll be like when we work together. 

I can’t afford a copywriter right now. What do I do? 

I get it. Sometimes purse strings are tight. If you’re not in the position to hire a copywriter yet, go head over to [the blog]. It’ll teach you a thing or two about writing copy that converts. It’s always best to hire a copywriter, but if you can’t, learning how to do it yourself - or the basics, at least - is the second best thing. 

Do you offer retainers? 

I absolutely do. Generally, retainers are offered on a content writing basis. Monthly SEO optimized blog articles, social media captions, and newsletters are perfect for retainers. Copy, on the other hand, is a little trickier, as they tend to be whole projects with a start and end date. That said, if you chat me through what you’re looking for, I’ll see what I can do. I offer 3, 6, and 9 month retainers. But, to make sure our working styles suit each other, we must have worked together before. So, a trial period, if you’re a new client, is always necessary. 

Do you offer payment plans? 

Running a business is expensive. If someone tells you ‘I run my business and I don’t spend a penny’, they’re either lying or their business is stuck at a low level. I get how expenses can add up. So, yes, I offer payment plans to help soften the investment total. Just let me know on our call and I’ll cast a dividing spell or two. 

I’ve been burnt before when using a different copywriter. I don’t have a whole lot of trust. How can you accommodate that? 

Let me tell you a secret. When I first launched my business, I hired someone to design my logo. I paid them £350. They scribbled a quick ‘AW’ on Microsoft Paint. MICROSOFT. BLOODY. PAINT. And I paid £350 for the privilege. When I looked for a new graphic designer a few years later, I had my guard up BIG time. Thankfully, I found the lady who has designed my website. (Her name is Steph - check her out here). And I learned how important it is for clients to feel safe the minute they book that Discovery Call. That’s why I ask for a 20% deposit rather than a 50% or a total payment (as some copywriters do). I receive the rest of your payment when you’re happy with what I’ve done. I’ve worked hard to breed a ‘feedback-is-everything’ culture when we work together. It’ll never be taken personally, and it’s used to make sure you’re thrilled with your end result. All of your copy and content is created on Google Drive so you can see the words coming to life in REAL TIME. And you’re set up with a Client Portal so you can track everything. I’m all about transparency, so you’re given links to your contract, proposal, invoices, and everything you need from day dot.