Collaborative method, where the copywriter responds and enhances work based on feedback from the client.

Step 3:

Masterful knowledge of copywriting techniques.

Step 2:

A strong service from the brand owner.

Step 1:

Ingredients for ‘Copy That Converts’ elixir:

Copywriting Services

Your website is your digital home. Strategic, creative copy will guarantee it invites the RIGHT visitors. No one wants the creepy guy asking for cookies at their door. 

I write website copy to span across your Homepage, About page, Services page, Contact page, Portfolio page, and any other rooms you have inside your digital home. Speak your ideal client’s lingo, understand the way they use your website, and use website copywriting techniques to turn visitors into leads. 

Let's make some website magic!

Website Copywriting


Email is the #1 place where sales happen. You’ve probably read stats like “email generates $42 for every $1 spent” (that’s a 4200% ROI, by the way) but your emails aren’t converting at all

It’s ‘cause the copy doesn’t slap. Promotional sequences, nurture and welcome sequences, and show-up sequences are fundamental. There has to be a copywriting strategy behind every email. There’s so much to think about! From subject lines to preview text to ‘from’ lines - and that’s before you’ve written the body text. 

Using a copywriter (ahem, me) means you’ll get emails that are constructed from strategy, built from mastery and experience, and result in high open rates + conversion rates.

Email Copywriting


Launching a digital product any time soon? Whether it’s an online course, an e-book, downloadable templates, or any other digital offer, you need a strong sales page. Generally speaking, sales pages use long-form copy. They leverage direct response copywriting techniques, which sounds more - no. No, it’s exactly as complicated as it sounds. 

Your launch will rise or flop depending on how well you use copywriting in your sales page. Why take the risk?

Landing/Sales Page Copywriting


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Excellent SEO optimised written content that inspires, educates, entertains, or motivates. 

Step 3:

A content marketing strategy that feeds those goals.

Step 2:

Set goals established by the Client.

Step 1:

Ingredients for the ‘Content That Works’ elixir:

Content Writing Services

I’m not talking about a personal blog. Blogs have evolved since they first cropped up in 1994. We’re not here to talk about the Diary of an Entrepreneur. A blog, in 2022, is all about providing value. That value will push your brand ahead of your competition and make you the go-to within the industry. Your business growth relies on the trust of your ideal audience. Blog posts are a solid way to create, harvest, and nurture that trust. Written both for your perfect buyer & Google, your blog posts will be researched, planned, written, and optimised to push your business into the spotlight for all the right reasons. 

Blog Post 


Trying to build your email list? Want to give your existing fans extra value? Hi, white papers. 

Well researched in terms of topic, reader pain point, and brand voice, your downloadble goodies will deliver on your promise tenfold. 

Roll in your email leads and kick things off with a bang as you deliver a PDF that makes your brand look like the Queen she is. 

Subtle persuasion, expert knowledge, and a solution-based whitepaper is exactly what your brand needs to capture leads and turn them from lukewarm to Damon Salvatore hot. (Yum).

Whitepapers (downloadable PDFs)


We live in the era of social media, and isn’t it just wonderful? Social media is a marvellous way to market your brand. Handing out regular value bombs and proving your expertise positions yourself as an expert. Plus, how burnt out are you right now? You’re trying to create social media posts that pack a serious value punch every damn day. But you’re so tired that you’ve got nothing left to say. So, your content is diluted and it’s just not picking up any traction. 

Let’s change that. I can write your social media captions so you can focus on your areas of strength + know that your social content will hit the mark every day. 

Social Media Captions


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