Testimonials + Client Love

Ami is amazing!! Right from the start you know exactly what to expect. And even then, Ami always over delivers. If you’re looking for a writer who goes over the top, is super organized, and has a great personality, I highly recommend working with Ami!

Alex Muro

CEO , Engagement Designs

It was so fun working with Ami. She is very personable. Informative. Ami explained what an “About” page really is and wrote a great one for me. She answered all my questions and gave the reasons for her answers. I am just starting and I learned a ton from her. Ami follows all the timelines, explains the process and you get no surprises except for a great copy! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Vesta Lingvyte

Affiliate Marketer, CEO, Go Embrace Balance

It was great working with Ami, she explained what an “about” page really is and wrote a great one for me. She researched well the keywords etc and a little bit of SEO. I couldn’t afford the full package so the About bit was what I knew was really wrong on my website, however the website is being redone so am now going to splash out and commission her to write the home page too.
she was very friendly and fun to work with, I can’t recommend her highly enough 🙂
Carol Miller

CEO, Founder, CJM Eyewear

Ami has been a valuable asset to my business, one that I couldn’t do without. She’s been fabulous at nailing what I want to say. If things haven’t been as I would have said them she’s amended things as necessary. I highly recommend working with Ami, her creative juices have been well worth the investment!

Hannah Lappin

Virtual Assistant, CEO, A Moment in Time

Ami has been fantastic to work with! She’s detailed, timely, and very responsive to all questions & comments. Ami helped me with a copy writing task that I simply didn’t have the bandwidth for. She took it off my plate & completed it better than I could have on my own. I highly recommend Ami to other overwhelmed entrepreneurs who need help with writing copy!

Emma Tessler

Social Media Manager, CEO, Ninety Five Media

Ami has done a fantastic job and I highly recommend her! It’s so tough to find a good copywriter so if you are reading this – well done – you can stop searching now! 🙂 I will be happy to work with her again soon, as I can rest easy knowing things are in good hands with her. Thanks Ami!

Michael Caswell

Publisher, Lightning Publishing