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Primrose Tuition – Blog Post

Siobhan Simpson – Primrose Tuition – Owner & Tutor

Primrose Tuition is a fantastically forward-thinking tutoring company run by a lovely lady called Siobhan. 

Siobhan reached out to me to ask for a 1000 word (min) blog post about the impact reading to your child has on their development. As I’m an ex-English teacher and a reading addict, this was RIGHT up my street.  

Siobhan explained that she struggled with the writing process in general. She found writing for adults much trickier than writing for kids.

(It’s ’cause it totally is!)

We sent a few emails back and forth, and I couldn’t wait to start this project. 

Siobhan wanted the content to be inspirational and entertaining, with a clear call to action running throughout. 

(IE: read to your kids). 

The finished article was 1550 words and she was extatic with the results.   

Thank you, Ami! What a lovely post! I like the humour you’ve injected into it and kept the material light, balancing out the research. I like the last line with the quote, it gives it a nice thought for the end. Thank you, you’ve done a great job! When you said you’d gone over the word count I thought you meant a few words! Thank you, I’m really pleased with it.

Siobhan Simpson

CEO & Tutor, Primrose Tutoring