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Ruthless Heroines – Product Descriptions

Elif & Ayse – Ruthless Heroines – Owners

Ruthless Heroines is a biz run by 2 strong sisters who are all about #girlpower. 

They create stunningly scented candles which are inspired by literature & theatre. 

These wonderful ladies reached out to me to write product descriptions for their Harry Potter range.

You have no idea how excited I was. 


Elif & Ayse wanted writing that would truly capture the magic of the Wizarding World. 

They were looking for a copywriter who was also a massive PotterHead. 

They needed a product description every bit as sparkly as their candles.

To capture the essence of the Potter universe, I hinted at quotes from the novels,  made references to the characters and chose my language choice carefully. 

Elif & Ayse were very pleased with the end result and went live with the copy on the same day! 


Ami was great! She listened to our input and her descriptions of our products were perfect! She incorporated the wizarding world to describe our candles in such a witty way! They’re fun to read and we want to share them with everyone. We’re really happy with the results and would love to work with her again in the future.

Elif & Ayse Soykan

Owners, Ruthless Heroines