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Poochize Organics – ‘About’ Page


Deborah Hemsworth – Poochize Organics – Owner

Poochize Organics is a small business run by the incredibly inspirational Deborah Hemsworth. The biz revolves around pet care and using organic medicinal ingredients to create magical potions for pampered pooches. 

When Deborah first reached out to me, she was in the beginning stages of launching her biz.

She told me that she wanted to create an ‘about’ page but struggled emotionally as she wanted to dedicate the inspiration of the business to her dog, Dylan. He had passed away prior to the launch, (RIP Dylan <3). 

She felt that her words would not do Dylan justice.

I seriously felt the pressure with this one, and I absolutely needed to write this perfectly.

I interviewed Deborah, delved into her history as well as Dylan’s, to create a final piece that brought her to tears.

(In a good way.)


I highly recommend Ami Writes. Her enthusiastic approach to writing is not only professional but fun, too. She makes me want to buy my own products. I will definitely be enlisting her for future projects.

Thank you, Ami!


Deborah Hemsworth

CEO, Poochize Organics.