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Oh GIRL, I can sense the stress from here.

Months and months – even years – of frustration, overwhelm and confusion is radiating off you like smoke.

“Why am I not making sales?”

“Why are my prospects not engaging with my biz?”

“Why can’t I turn cold leads into warm ones, let alone hot?”

“Why, after all the damn effort and hard work that I’ve put in, is nothing converting?!”

Aaaaand breathe. Stick the kettle on. Have a cup of tea. 

I’ve got you.

(I’m British, what can I say?)

    Mission ⇓

My name’s Ami and I’m a professional copywriter. I work with boss babes like you every day to create copy that:

♥ boosts traffic

builds a reputation

turns prospects into returning customers 

most importantly, makes sales.

But sometimes hiring a copywriter isn’t financially possible. 

When I first started, I literally LIVED off Tesco-value 10p noodles. I feel the pain.

So, I thought: how can I help the boss babes of our world in a way that’s financially accessible to them?

How can I show them the way forward?

How can I teach them without publishing another online course?

And so, ‘Informali-KEY’ was born.

Why Informali-KEY?

‘Informali-KEY’ is an e-book based on 250+ feedback audits of SHEO’s webpages, emails and printed copy. I analysed their word choices with a fine tooth comb to uncover the reasons their copy wasn’t converting.

Amongst a few others, there was a common thread.

Their copy was far too formal.

Sounds like a simple fix, right? A couple of tag questions here, a dash of slang there, and you should be left with this bubbling potion of informality.

But, it doesn’t work like that.

I gave my e-book the title ‘Informali-KEY’ because it’s just that. Not just a key, but the key. 

Stay with me – you’re going to want to hear this.

Formal writing tells your audience that you haven’t thought about what they need. 

You haven’t considered their pain points. You’re causing them to think “you don’t know what I’m going through.” And with thousands of businesses around, why wouldn’t they go and find someone who does care?

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Imagine you’re going on a date. You’re all dressed up, lookin’ fiiiiine and you sit down with a glass of bubbly.

This unbelievably fit ‘prospect’ sits down next to you.

“Omfg, I’ve lucked out.”

Your heart is racing. You feel your palms going sweaty. A flutter of butterflies are dancing in your stomach.

Your date opens their mouth and says:

“Greetings and salutations, fair maiden. I’m the CEO of this romantic gathering. I offer free-flowing conversation and exceptional coitus.”

LOL. Can you imagine?

My point is, you’d run a mile.

So, showing someone your business – you need to have the same attitude as if you’re going on that first date. You know yourself, right? So, you know what kinda thing ticks your boxes.

When you own a biz, you need to know your target audience so you can know what turns them on. So, you know what to say and how to say it.

Formal writing is such a purchasing-turn-off.

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You know, being a biz owner, that you need to target your audience’s pain points to create a sense of understanding. You know that. And you may be nodding your head right now thinking ‘I already do this and I’m still getting dire conversion.’

But knowing their pain points is totally different to showing them you know their struggles.

And there’s every possibility of you turning this around on your own, based on the information on this page. 

But why go it completely alone?

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What You’ll Get

When you purchase ‘Informali-KEY’, you’ll gain:


20 Years & Older 

VALUE: Priceless

Tried, tested and proven strategies to help you get one MASSIVE step closer to your financial goals. Want a 7 figure income? You need to get your copy right.



Hand Restored

VALUE: £120

7 worksheets and tasks to pinpoint your USP, your target audience, your brand voice and your current formality ranking.







Fully Functional

VALUE: £150

3 key strategies and tasks to casual-ize your copy.



20 Years & Older 

VALUE: £60

Your own annotated mini-swipe file to gain inspiration from. Discover what already works and why.



Hand Restored

VALUE [Writing Time]: £650

56 pages of copywriting knowledge, over 600 worth of writing time and real life copy problems discovered through analysing female biz owner’s sites. 






Fully Functional

VALUE: £120

A special surprise, just for you. Because I know you’ve got what it takes.


In short, within the pages of this book, you’ll learn the tools, tips and strategies to absolutely NAIL your copy game and bring home the bacon. (Mmm. Bacon.) 


(Including the writing time, of course.)

But, let’s be honest, ’cause I’m all about honesty and can’t deal with time wasters. I’d never charge £1100 for a book.

So, the original cost of this book is £20.

BUT. Not for you, boss babe. Not today.

You get a much better deal. 

You are committed. You’re dedicated. You want this business to work.

How do I know? Well, you’re still reading.

You’ve got this far.

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Your Deal

Who am I to take your chance of success from you? 

Nah. I’m not the type to do that.

In fact, I’m the complete opposite.

So, if you buy ‘Informali-KEY’ today, you’ll get a

massive 70% off.

You’re hearing me right.

That’s a miniature

total of £6.00

Which is $7.47 BTW to the gorgeous Americans who’ve landed on this page.

Your Deal Expires In:








This is a super limited offer though, lovely. I’m only offering this ridiculous discount until 10th July.

Do. Not. Let. This. Pass. You. By.

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To reiterate

That’s the ability to SUCCEED in your biz, to finally overcome the barrier between you and your audience, to make money

 … for £6.00

You’re sceptical again, aren’t you?

“Why are you doing this so cheap? What do you gain out of this?”

I gain the knowledge that you’re going to read something unbelievably relatable and put the strategies I’ve taught you into practice. And I gain the absolute pleasure of watching your copy KICK. ASS. after you Informali-KEY the crap out of it.

I get to give you wings and watch you fly. How awesome is that?

Plus, I’m an ex-English teacher. I’ve got a love for giving people knowledge. 

And that’s why I wrote it in the first place.

ami writes

I’m done with watching women struggle, full of frustration and confusion. Because, to me “I don’t understand” is more heartbreaking than “I can’t do it.”

 You’re no longer alone.

You’ve got my attention for the next 56 pages (and beyond). 

And we’re going to work through this together, as a team.

In fact, I’m so sure that you’re going to LOVE ‘Informali-KEY’ that I’m offering you a full 30-day-money-back-guarentee. (I’ll just need proof that you’ve completed the exercises). 


Because you absolutely can do it

So, if you’re ready to:


  • Understand where you’re going wrong
  • Start making those super-sweet sales
  • Turn visitors into RETURNING customers who are your biggest cheerleaders
  • Make prospects think ‘I NEED this’ rather than ‘Meh. Doesn’t take my fancy.’
  • Run the successful business that you imagined when you launched

Then it’s time to take things into your own hands with ‘Informali-KEY’

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What’ll Happen When You Buy

When you click ‘Add to Cart’, you’ll be taken to a check out page. 

You’ll need to pop your email address in, (I hate SPAM as much as the next person. I’ll swear under oath not to send you SPAMMY crap.) 

You’ll then make your payment and your copy of ‘Informali-KEY’ will be emailed to you.

Make sure you check your ‘Junk’ folder, as it can sometimes wind up there. It seems that, despite trying to be more lady-like, the internet still thinks I’m trashy asf.

My advice is to save it somewhere safe OR print it.

Come on, girl! What’cha waiting for?

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Owning a business that’s relatable, engaging and profitable is just a click away.

See ya on the other side, gorgeous.

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