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Free the Feminine – Email Funnel 

Jameelah Anderson – Growth Goddess – Free the Feminine

Free the Feminine is a gloriously powerful biz run by the gorgeous Jameelah Anderson. 

Free the Feminine is all about energy and works,(you guessed it!) with women. It encourages women to discover exactly who they are and to find their spirituality. 


Jameelah reached out to me because she needed a copywriter to write her an email funnel for her Self-Discovery course. 

She wanted lengthly emails to truly capture the depth of self-discovery.

Jameelah was struggling to create copy that converted directly to sales. 


Our main focus was to create an email funnel of 6 which pushed the real benefits of the course.  

I used clear CTAs, dug into the emotional benefits of the target audience and ensured the pace of the emails mimicked a conversation between friends.

This course is due to launch this year.

(We are both SO excited!)



1) The call to actions are all remarkably clear and it’s very easy to understand what’s being offered/sold
2) The pacing of the email is great, everything feels like a chat with a friend
3) These emails are just beautifully written. Kudos!
Jameelah Anderson

Growth Goddess, CEO, Free the Feminine