5 Signs That You Need to Hire a Professional Copywriter

Running a business is bloody hard work.

There are 1001 things on your to-do list on a daily basis, including, (but not limited to), writing emails, hopping on Zoom calls, building your website, planning your social media content, creating your content, all the admin – and so much more.

So, the path to profitability can look long with “many unwinding turns,” (I guarantee you just sang that.)

And, because of this, we begin to doubt ourselves. ‘Why is it that, despite working 18 hours yesterday, I’m still seeing no results?’

First off, pop the kettle on and breathe. This isn’t completely down to you.

Except for, it kinda is. It’s up to you whether you outsource your copy needs. Debating it? Here are 5 reasons why you should hire yourself a copywriter.

Ami Writes
The course to profitability never did run smooth.
Ami Writes

1.) You Can’t Find Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice is as important as your design.

It tells everyone who you are, what you do and it’s as unique as a finger print. It’s about chucking that formal tone in the bin and finding your brand’s personality. Copywriter’s do that all day every day.

We discover what words and structural techniques should be used to show off your brand to the world. And how glorious is it that you have the ability to create the personality you’ve always dreamed of?

If you want your biz to come across as fast paced, your copy needs to reflect that. If, however, you want it to come across as tranquil and laid back, the words you use and the sentence length you select, (amongst 123490 other elements), will be completely different.

Unless you’re trained and you are a professional copywriter, doing this alone is almost impossible. Plus, if you do it right, it’ll take up most of your time.

While biz owners are more than happy to hire graphic designers to make their site look pretty, they’re much more hesitant to hire a copywriter.

This is a missed opportunity of epic proportions. If your tone doesn’t reflect your brand and it’s values, then you’re going to need a professional copywriter. 

Brand voice

2.) You Can’t Express Your Unique Selling Point (USP)



 It’s kinda normal, actually, to be so close to your biz that you don’t see what makes it unique.

It’s the same as reflecting on yourself, but a bit harder. ‘Cause you know you’re unique, but you can’t always pin point why.

You might mix up your USP with the features or benefits of your products or services, but that isn’t your USP.

OR you might know what makes your biz stand out, but you can’t quite express with the right words. 

Copywriters are well versed in finding the ‘gold dust’ in a biz. And we’re also pretty good at converting rambles into clear, concise copy that converts.

If you’re struggling to find the words that set you apart, (and show that you’re better), from your competition, hire a freelance copywriter to do it for you.


Ami Writes

3.) You lack the inspiration OR the time to create the copy you need

This is a realllly common reason. But copy is SO important. Content, too. Content marketing gets 3 times more leads than paid search advertising. AND IT’S FREE. So, swapping your budget from paid advertising to investing in a decent copywriter will make sure that you gain a decent ROI. 

And creating content and copy as frequently as you need it – sales pages, blog posts, marketing emails, funnels, web copy to name but a few, eats up on your work schedule as well as demanding a LOT of creative inspiration. Sometimes that runs out, especially if you haven’t been taught specifically how to write copy. 

Copywriters know how to break writers’ block and we’re used to turning out heaps of high-quality writing every day.

Time is money
Time is money

4.) The Date Isn’t Going Well

Okay, I know this sounds weird, but bare with me.

This is all about language choice, formality and target audience.

And, this is something I talk about A LOT in my new book, Informali-KEY, (which you can grab here for 70% off!)

Anyway, the words you use attract different people. It’s the same as dating, right? Imagine you’re on a date and someone strolls in, sits down and they’re MEGA HOT.

Then, they turn around and say:

“Greetings and salutations, fair maiden. I am able to provide engaging conversation in addition to enthusiastic and exceptional coitus.”

I mean… Right? We’d run a mile. 

So it does go back to presenting your biz as you would on a date. And that doesn’t mean you’d try to be someone else, but it does mean that you follow the dating etiquette. You get to know the person you’re talking to. You get them to see that you can be trusted and you talk to them like a human being.

So many business owners struggle with this, and it’s something I could talk about for hours, (that’s why I wrote a book about it!). But, I’ll leave it at: if the date isn’t going well, you should consider hiring a copywriter.

Ami Writes InformaliKEY

5.) You Hate Writing!

This is a really important reason and it’s usually overlooked. People say ‘oh, I’ll just do it myself. I’ll get it done and then it’s out the way’. Firstly, if you hate writing, I promise it’ll show in your content. It’s not something you can hide from.

It’s the same as art – if you aren’t good at drawing and you create a portrait, it’s obvious that you’re not particularly gifted with a pencil.

I’m a terrible drawer. And I admit that, so if I ever had a business need where I had to draw something, then I’d hire someone who could create a masterpiece for me. ‘Cause I can’t expect to make money if my art is horrendous.

And, I’d be so miserable trying to draw, because the actual process would just tell me how terrible I am, and then the lack of results would kill me inside.


I already know I CANNOT DRAW. So, why would I genuinely think that ‘oh, it’ll be fine. A miracle will happen and everyone will buy my art!’

If I can’t do it, it makes me miserable and I knew someone who could – why would I waste my time and effort on trying to produce something worth selling?

It’s the exactly the same with writing.

If you hate it, if you struggle with it and you’re not willing to pay top dollar to learn how to do it, then you need a professional copywriter. Simple as that!

So, if you:


  • Can’t find your brand voice
  • Can’t express your USP
  • Don’t have enough time or creativity
  • Can’t relate to your target audience
  • Loathe writing or SUCK at spelling, punctuation & grammar

then, hire a freelance copywriter.

Ami Writes

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